Boom Technology is a Colorado-based company that is in the process of developing a Mach 1.7 supersonic airliner to hold up to 88 passengers. The company was founded in 2014 in Denver by Blake Scholl, Jash Krall and Joe Wilding.

Boom’s Mission & Goals

Boom’s mission is to make the world more accessible to everyone. Planes that can fly twice as fast will expand tourism opportunities in remote locations. They make it possible to travel halfway across the world and return home just in time for dinner.

Boom aims to make supersonic flight affordable, profitable for airlines, and more environmentally friendly.

Boom has a 100% carbon-neutral test program, and its production facility will be LEED-certified. The company is committed to being an environmentally sustainable airliner.

Since its founding, Boom has made exceptional progress in reaching its goals. In 2017, several venture funds invested $33 million into the company. 

The same year, the company secured $41 million in financing and $10 million in investments from Japan Airlines. A few notable companies backing Boom include Y Combinator, Eight Partners, Seraph Group and others.

In 2019, Boom raised an additional $100 million.

Just a few years later, in August 2022, American Airlines announced its agreement to purchase 20 Overture aircrafts and the option of purchasing an additional 40.

Boom Overture flying in the sky

Introduction of the Overture

Overture is Boom Technology’s state-of-the-art airline, optimized for speed, safety, and sustainability.

The airliner is the fastest in the world, offering some of the best specifications ever seen in the airline industry. Achieving top-tier speeds requires reimagining aircraft design by:

  • Creating a contoured fuselage to optimize drag and boost fuel efficiency
  • Modified delta planform to help improve performance and stability 
  • Designing gull wings to reduce supersonic noise production
  • Adding tail stabilization
  • Implementing a four-engine design to reach supersonic speeds and reduce engine temperature range

On top of these design concepts, the aircraft has impressive specs.

Overture Specs:

  • 0 net carbon production
  • Mach 1.7 cruise speed
  • 60,000-feet cruising altitude
  • Over 600 profitable routes
  • 20% faster than land travel
  • Two times faster than traveling over water
  • 65 – 80 passenger capacity

The maximum range for Overture is 4,888 miles or 7,867 kilometers. The total plane length from the nose to the tail is 201 feet. 

Overture has the potential to change the airline industry with faster flights. The rollout of these models is slated for 2025, with the first flight expected to be in 2026.

Company Leadership and Investor Details

Boom participated in a Y Combinator in 2016 and was funded by numerous big names including:

In total, by January 2019, the company raised $151 million in funding. Many major airlines have signed on to options for purchasing aircrafts when available. This past year, the company further announced its plan to open a 400,000-square-foot facility in Greensboro, North Carolina to manufacture their airliners.

Boom Technology offers the innovative potential to change the airline industry with speeds for consumers that the world has never seen before. The company should be on everyone’s radar, especially moving into the next few years when production, test flights and commercial availability are planned.