Thinking of Growing your Business Internationally?

BNS has extensive market, financial and cultural knowledge of the Middle East Region. While the Middle East has been our primary region of practice, we also have a wide global reach and broad base of knowledge in Europe, South East Asia, and Africa.  If you’re considering growing your business internationally but not sure which market is best for your product or service, BNS can guide you through your options and help you make the best decision for your unique product or service.

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BNS Global Experience

Over the years BNS has expanded its reach across the world. These are just some of the regions and successful projects we’ve helped our clients with.

The Middle East

We have a vast pool of knowledge and experience working within the Middle East region.

  • Jordan – Developed marketing techniques/strategies for a number of security brands.
  • Lebanon – Due diligence for a client to understand potential partners (tourism, security, education sectors) to expand their distribution network.
  • Egypt – Marketing strategy for security brands.
  • Qatar – Branded a number of products in the security industry, increased sales, and developed new market for our client.
  • UAE – Marketing strategy for a client in the clothing industry.


Europe is a growing market for us with lots of opportunity. 

  • Spain – Market research and branding strategies in the tourist and furniture sectors.
  • Austria – Due diligence for understanding potential partners in the software IT sector
  • Germany – Market research strategy for an alcohol manufacturer.


The Asian markets are robust and growing at a rapid rate. 

  • Taiwan – Market research strategies for the healthcare and software IT sectors.
  • Vietnam – Market research for a clothing and insurance company.
  • Singapore – Marketing strategy for software IT companies.
  • Thailand – Due diligence for client to help them better understand the construction industry.